Requests for Virtual Instruction for Second Semester Due In Writing To Child's Building Principal by November 5

October 26, 2021
Dear Prince George Families,
This message is to inform our families that all requests for virtual instruction for the second semester of the 2021-22 school year must be submitted in writing to your child’s building principal by November 5, 2021.
Prince George County Public Schools will continue to offer limited options for virtual instruction. Any parent wishing to request virtual learning for their child(ren) must inform the building principal in writing of their request for virtual learning.  Eligibility for virtual instruction will be determined by a committee at each building. Committees will consider each request and determine eligibility for virtual instruction based on a student’s documented medical condition, prior academic success, and school attendance. 
If your child is currently enrolled in virtual instruction, progressing satisfactorily, and in good academic standing, they will be automatically re-enrolled for virtual instruction during the second semester. If you wish to have your child return from virtual instruction to in-person learning, please contact your child’s building principal.
All requests for virtual instruction must be submitted in writing to the building principal by November 5, 2021. Parents will be notified if the request for virtual instruction has been approved by November 29, 2021. If approved, students and parents will be required to sign a virtual learning agreement to participate in the virtual placement. 
As always, please contact your child’s school if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you, 
Lisa Pennycuff, Ed.D