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Math Interventionist

Mathematics is an integral part of a child’s education. If students do not grasp the concepts early, the struggles can be great later. In Math Intervention, I meet with students throughout the school year, two days a week for about a half hour each. I may bring a small group from each class into my own classroom to remediate on skills being taught by their teacher. I may also be inside the student’s regular classroom giving whole group or small group lessons while co-teaching with your child’s teacher. Math Intervention is flexible, and I will work with any student that needs additional practice, exposure, or testing strategies for math. My goal is to boost math success and confidence of any student! 


Please visit the MI website for additional resources & support: https://sites.google.com/pgs.k12.va.us/k-5mathresources/home


Our Math Interventionist here at Beazley is Mrs. Cindy Collins