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Our Student Government Association is a group of fifth graders that serve as great role models for their peers. These students participate in projects such as saying the pledge each and every morning. They also helped raise $1,000 by collecting box tops.

Safety Patrol

The Safety Patrol, led by Coach Walker, keeps our sidewalks safe during the mornings and afternoons as students walk to and from classes. They are huge help in making sure our students are practicing safety at all times. These fifth graders can often be found helping our smallest Beazley members get going in the right direction.

Beazley Bullets

The Beazley Bullets Jump Rope Team consists of students who not only exhibit excellent jump rope skills, but excel in citizenship and academics. Coach Walker holds tryouts every school year in search of new team members.

Fifth Grade Choir

The fifth grade choir, led by Mrs. Duncan, works year round preparing for seasonal productions. Their legendary performances are enjoyed during school and after school functions, including PTAC events, Fall Festival, and Spring Fling.

Beazley Book Crew

Library helpers are valuable assets to the Media Center. Beazley Book Crew assists with book check out and returns, organizing and shelving materials, and helping patrons locate materials of need and interest. Third, fourth and fifth grade students are eligible to become library helpers if they are recommended by a teacher and have permission from a parent or guardian.

Nutritional Advisory Council

The Nutritional Advisory Council is a group of students chosen by classroom teachers to help Mrs. Duffy during our food drive. Students help by collecting and counting donated items by Beazley students. Members are in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.


The Program for Artistically Advanced Students, in partnership with the community, provides experiences that challenge the artistic student. The artistic student is gifted in vocal music, in the visual arts, or in theater. The program assists identified students in reaching their unique potential. It includes challenges and experiences in conceptual thinking and problem solving, in the development of a keen awareness of the arts and a universal expression of humanity, and one that prompts each student to explore and take artistic risks that lead to improved technical skills, self-awareness, creativity, and productivity. The Beazley PAAS teachers are Ms. Heather Duncan and Mr. Chad Bowen.


The before and after school program that is on-site and convenient for busy parents. They strive to develop the unique champion within each child by providing opportunities for achievement and success. The registration and tuition rates are available in the office. The hours are 7:00 AM-6:00 PM.