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Beazley Book Crew
Library helpers are valuable assets to the Media Center. Beazley Book Crew assists with book check out and returns, organizing and shelving materials, and helping patrons locate materials of need and interest. Third, fourth and fifth grade students are eligible to become library helpers if they are recommended by a teacher and have permission from a parent or guardian.
Beazley Bullets
The Beazley Bullets Jump Rope Team consists of students who not only exhibit excellent jump rope skills, but excel in citizenship and academics. Coach Walker holds tryouts every school year in search of new team members.
Fifth Grade Choir
The fifth grade choir, led by Mrs. Duncan, works year round preparing for seasonal productions. Their legendary performances are enjoyed during school and after school functions, including PTAC events, Fall Festival, Winter Program and Spring Fling.
Mrs. Duncan's Music Sites
Mrs. Duncan's Music
Mrs. Hockaday's Library
Mrs. Wiertel Art
computer science and fine arts
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